Product Description

Easy and safe refilling of evaporated water in the aquarium – Permanent monitoring of the water level in the aquarium with an infrared sensor incl. delay circuit. – Automatic refilling of evaporated aquarium water. – Adjustable minimum and maximum water levels in the aquarium or filter sump. – Dry-running protection of the refilling pump – optical and acoustic alarm. – There is a warning for low water level of the refill tank. – Easy installation and maintenance, plug connections on all cables (incl. cable protection against unintentional release). – Safety shutdown circuit in case of a defective level sensor. – 12 V low voltage, incl. transformer 100 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz. – Refill pump Input DC 3.5 – 12 V DC / 0.5 – 5.0 W Hmax = 220 cm Qmax = 350 l/h   Premier sellers of this product: VASCA (Wholesale only) Tropical Pet Oasis (Colorado “Brick and Mortar” Store) Aquarium Obsessions (Illinois “Brick and Mortar” Store) The fish Crew (Colorado “Brick and Mortar” Store) Bulk Reef Supply (Retail Online)