Product Description

DC Runner 2.1 includes controller

The DC Runner is a controllable DC pump which can be run internally or externally. Includes a DC Runner Control and LED display for adjusting the power as well as a “FEED” button which stops the flow for 10 minutes.

Power supply pump: 24 V

Power supply transformer: 100-240V

Pump power: Up to 528 gph

max. head: Up to 7.2 ft

Power consumption: max. 20 W max.

Connection for hose, suction side: 1 inch barb for soft plumbing

Connection for hose, pressure side: 1 inch barb for soft plumbing

Connection for hard plumbing, suction side: 1 inch

Connection for hard plumbing, pressure side: 1 inch

Size: 5.4? x 2.7? x 2.7?

Protection rating: IP X8   Premier sellers of this product: VASCA (Wholesale only) Marine Depot (Retail Online & Wholesale) Tropical Pet Oasis (Colorado “Brick and Mortar” Store) The Fish Crew (Colorado “Brick and Mortar” Store)