Aqua Medic of North America and Aquarium Water Testing have merged. We are certain that the combined knowledge and expertise of both entities will add tremendous value to our partners and customers.

You try to replace the major and trace elements that your corals deplete, you try to mitigate the accumulation of waste that your fish contribute and you automate your top-off routine to maintain a consistent salinity. Why? Well, because these captive reef systems respond to consistency and stability with an overall vibrancy that can otherwise be elusive. You can actually see the difference that is why you have invested in the products necessary to provide that stability while freeing you as much as possible from the tedious rigors that can accompany this level of attention.

We imagine that you would immediately see the value of receiving regular precise measurements of the essential water quality parameters that you are continually working to adjust, optimize and stabilize. How do you decide what adjustments to make to your calcium reactor or nitrate reducer? How do you decide how much iodine or molybdenum to dose? Would not your process for making these weekly decisions change dramatically if you knew the concentration of that parameter down to the thousandths of a milligram per liter? And if you had precise data from weeks past could not you begin to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of your routines and regiment? Home test kits are expensive, messy, toxic, and time consuming. They do not have the accuracy to provide you with a meaningful stream of data and most of us find them too complex to perform regularly. We take out the