Aqua Medic is a world renowned manufacturer of high end aquarium products that have been positively impacting the aquatic industry for decades. Although the mother company is based in Germany, Aqua Medic has branches all around the world, including Aqua Medic USA. Not only does Aqua Medic USA wholesale and distribute high end products, but also contains a coral wholesale division called “Aqua Medic Live”, as well as a laboratory set up for professionally testing water called “Aqua Medic Water Testing”.

Aqua Medic USA has worked closely with Aqua Medic of Germany to design high end products specifically geared toward the American market. In the United States, metal halide and T5 fixtures have been the staple for Aqua Medic over the past decade or so, however since the introduction of Aqua Medic USA and its team, this is no longer the case. Aqua Medic USA has introduced a brand new product line that has been taking the aquatics industry by storm. These products include Eco Drift Wave Makers, ACone Evo Protein Skimmers complete with DC fully controllable pumps, Refill System ATO, Evo Hang-On Skimmer Line, DC Runner Pumps, Eco Runner Pumps, ReefDoser Evo and a whole lot more. When deciding what products to use on your aquarium, quality and performance are key. This new line of Aqua Medic products not only out performs the competition but are built to last with quality materials and as always, comes complete with a manufacturer warranty. These products are not only tested in Germany, but all of the top members of the Aqua Medic USA team test these products on their home aquariums, as well as in shop on the coral systems within the Aqua Medic Live facility. As hobbyists, the members of Aqua Medic USA have a passion for the aquatic industry and truly believe in the products they sell. As the team members always say, “If I wouldn’t use it on my own tank, I wouldn’t recommend it for yours!”

Aqua Medic GmbH of Bissendorf, Germany, the parent company, has been a prominent name in the industry for more than 20 years in Europe and it believed that opening its own operation and distribution center was the best way to serve the US aquarium hobbyist. In 2002, Aqua Medic Inc. moved to Loveland, Colorado and enjoyed continued growth and success. As Aqua Medic of North America continues to grow, we want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us and encouraged our development. We are constantly expanding our product line by bringing you the latest from the European market. Please check back regularly for exciting new products and company updates.

Aqua Medic of USA is now operating under ownership and management of hobbyists. We will continue our tradition of honest and professional distribution of Aqua Medic’s cutting edge aquarium products while improving the experience of our loyal customers both prior and after the sale. As we are re-visiting all aspects of our business, our focus is primarily on improving customer service, product availability and quality control. Our strong relationship with Aqua-Medic, Germany will ensure that we are constantly improving our products and expanding our product line by bringing you the latest innovations from Germany. Producing new, innovative products that will enable us to come even closer to reproducing nature’s amazing variety of aquatic biotopes whilst pursuing this fascinating hobby.

We want to thank all of you for your continued business and I look forward to a very exciting upcoming year. Please, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.

The Aqua Medic Team